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  • High Purity Ferro Silicon
  • 1.High Purity Ferro Silicon

    Besides of common  standard Fesi65 Fesi 70,Fesi72Fesi75 GB,  now  we focus on high purity ferro silicon, which to used in high quality  silicon steel manufacturing. High Purity Ferro Silico...  
    Category:-> High Purity Ferro Silicon

  • Silicon Briquette
  • 4.Silicon Briquette

    1. Silicon briquette (Si 50-55%) Si 50-55%, C 8%max, Al 5%max, S 0.15%max, P 0.05%max, Moisture: 2%max. Size : 10-60mm or at buyer's option.   2.Silicon briquette (Si 65-70%) Si 65%min, C 2%max,...  
    Category:-> Silicon Briquette

  • Calcium Silicon (CaSi)
  • 5.Calcium Silicon (CaSi)

    Calcium Silicon (Casi) Chemical content as below: 1.Ca30 Ca:30%min, Si:50-65% C:1.2%max Al:2.4%max P:0.04%max S:0.06%max Size:0-200 mm or at buyer's option. 2.Ca28 Ca:28%min, Si:50-65% C:1.2%max A...  
    Category:-> Calcium Silicon

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Manufacturer & Supplier.
chrome ferro chrome silicon briquette ferro alloy low carbon fecr
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